First post: why I start blogging

Steve Lee
2 min readJun 15, 2021

As I build my career in crypto space since 2018, I came to realize that writing is such an important and powerful tool as an investor in order to synthesize idea and findings, establish investment thesis, and share your thought and complex concept with others and make sure they understand it.

Here are a few reasons why I think writing is particularly important in crypto space

  • There are too many things going on and if you just follow headlines. Writing could help you formulate your own investment thesis and prevent you from being stuck in noises.
  • There are too many complex concept and development that pop up everyday and it is challenging to follow it with proper understanding. Writing could help you break it down to digest it and help others to understand it.
  • Narrative and story impact market significantly and change very frequently. Both spread out quickly with writing.
  • From day 1, you are required to be global to communicate with people from different cultures and background and push your business into different markets. Writing would become important to deliver your messages properly.

Therefore, I decided to start writing. Even though I’m yet far from being a good writer, I have clear goals through my writing and feel great taking a first step. I will share what those goals are in my next post.

Cardon Park in Miami we went two weeks ago. (My family moved to Miami from New York recently) While the city doesn’t have many attractions like New York, Miami seems an amazing place to be relaxed and enjoy nature which provides opportunities to learn how to look inward rather than find solutions externally



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